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As a continent, Africa simultaneously displays some of the world’s greatest potential for renewable energy generation, alongside the lowest rates of access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. With roughly 600 million people having no access to electricity, nearly 60% of the world’s unelectrified population lives in Africa.

As centralised approaches to generation, transmission and distribution approach their limits in reaching beneficiaries, more viable decentralised access solutions have received only limited political and financial support.

GET.transform supports high-impact countries and regions on the African continent with regulatory advice to accelerate rural electrification and scale up investments in off-grid renewable energy solutions.

Through framework development, systematic tools and regulatory instruments, trainings and dedicated knowledge products, GET.transform helps to strengthen institutional processes to integrate energy and climate priorities.

Assisting in the design of market enabling conditions, GET.transform aids governments to realise tangible impact by working with the private sector to tap into investments and roll-out least-cost, off-grid rural electrification solutions.

GET.transform applies findings from national projects to promote the harmonisation of regulatory frameworks for decentralised renewables on a continental level and supports regional institutions and partner countries in making significant headway towards achieving energy and climate goals.

Ene Macharm, Partnerships Coordinator at GET.transform

Ene Macharm

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