Reinforcing regulation to accelerate deployment and investment in Uganda’s rural electrification

Electricity pole in Lamwo, Uganda
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Uganda aims to achieve sustainable, affordable and modern energy for all. In tune with the country’s Vision 2040 and global energy access targets under SDG7, Uganda promotes the development of mini-grids to spur socio-economic development in remote and underserved areas. In its National Electrification Strategy, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) foresees the development of over 2,000 mini grids to connect more than 230,000 households by 2030.

GET.transform is proud to be among Uganda’s chosen partners to make headway towards this goal. Working with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) and the Uganda Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), GET.transform helps to pave the way to viable off-grid deployment and investment through robust regulation frameworks and market design.

In developing frameworks, the goal is to assure that the national goals are pursued by energy sector stakeholders and that the roles and responsibilities of policy-makers, agencies, private sector and the public are efficiently integrated. Further focus lies on the quality and affordability of electricity services to ensure they can drive industrial, commercial and social development both in urban and rural areas.

GET.transform is partnering with ERA to improve the regulatory framework for mini grids by developing the mini grid tariff framework and mini grid technical operating standards.

The main objective of the framework is to de-risk Uganda’s mini grid industry to attract private investment enabling scale up of mini grid development through reduced cost of service for mini grids. In addition, and in collaboration with GIZ PREEEP & Pro Mini Grids, GET.transform is developing a Productive Use of Energy impact monitoring tool that will track the socio-economic impact of mini grid electrification in Uganda.

Henry Jumba

Country Window Coordinator


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