About us

GET.transform contributes to international energy and climate targets by assisting developing and emerging countries worldwide in advancing their energy sector transformations.

Agile Advisory Services to Advance Sector Transformations

GET.transform operates globally and offers its services to selected high-impact countries and regions in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Linking strategic insight to practical implementation experience, GET.transform has the agility to close the gap between short-term technical facilities and long-term bilateral programmes. This agile approach unlocks effective progress on the ground.

With a view to integrate activities across regions and topics, the programme helps countries to enhance their energy sector governance, planning and regulation. Deriving best practices and adapting standardised tools to local needs, GET.transform enables partner countries to develop conducive framework conditions for large-scale clean energy investments.

As a programme operating worldwide, GET.transform provides the following added value to its partners:

  • Flexible advisory services provided at short notice
  • Proven ‘standardised’ products and tools which can easily be adapted to specific country contexts
  • Contacts to local partners on the ground and to a wide network of international institutions
  • Exchange of know-how and lessons learnt

GET.transform is part of the Global Energy Transformation Programme (GET.pro), a European multi-donor platform delivering on international energy and climate goals, and draws on the experience of the former programme EUEI PDF which provided energy policy advisory for 13 years in more than 35 countries.