Renewable Energy Grid Integration

Preparing frameworks and systems for higher shares of sustainable energy

The variable nature of renewable energy sources like solar PV or wind calls for transformational changes in the technical planning and operation of power systems. The need for change often goes hand in hand with energy security related concerns and challenges, particularly early on in renewable energy deployment. 

GET.transform supports power system planners and operators to reliably integrate variable renewable energy into their networks. GET.transform supports analytical work to establish a sound base for updating planning and operational procedures and provides capacity building to trigger a mind-set change and boost confidence in the operation of renewable energy dominated power systems. 

GET.transform works with electric utilities and their power system network planning and operation departments to analyse support needs and uses vRE Integration Roadmaps to identify short-, mid- and long-term measures for updating planning and operating procedures.

Together with the project partners GET.transform suggests adequate support measures that may range from developing grid codes and compliance procedures to analysing flexibility and stability requirements or exploring sector coupling strategies. 

Eng. Ziria Tibalwa Waako, CEO of Uganda's Electricity Regulatory Authority
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