Energy Planning Mapping for Latin America & the Caribbean

Creating a common language among energy planners to support regional harmonisation and integration
solar installation Chile
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GET.transform is currently assessing operational and energy planning definitions for eight selected countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The resulting report will support the region in developing a common language and harmonised approaches on energy planning.

With the work, GET.transform responds to countries’ request expressed through the Regional Forum of Energy Planners of LAC coordinated by UN ECLAC to advance greater regional integration. The study has already benefited from strong engagement with the national energy sector agencies of the countries participating in the assessment survey. First insights of the analysis, carried out in collaboration with experts from Energynautics and Quantum America, will be presented during the next FORO meeting on 24 November, as part of OLADE´s Energy Week.

Find more information (in Spanish) on the Forum of Energy Planners where the work was initiated: