Improving the Representation of vRE and Electromobility in the Energy Planning Process

MINEM workshops to update the planning process for Peru’s electricity system
Power lines overlooking valley in Cusco, Peru
© istock/Nick Kypriadis

Peru explores integrating higher shares of variable renewable energies (vRE) into its power system. The variable nature of these resources calls for new approaches in both operating and planning for the electricity system.

GET.transform has supported the General Directorate of Energy Efficiency (DGEE) of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) in analysing the long-term planning process of the electricity system in Peru. The objective is to identify improvements in the representation of modern technologies and in the analysis of their impact in the electricity interconnected system. The technical assistance was delivered in partnership with Energynautics, a consultant company with extensive experience working these issues in developed countries.

The topics of the workshops were jointly coordinated with the Energy Planification Unit of the DGEE, in order to represent key opportunities and challenges: generation adequacy and capacity credit of vRE, modelling costs for vRE and other inverter-based assets, power system flexibility, and electromobility.

The training was tailored to the MINEM experts working with energy planification tools, in the context of a great potential of resources for renewable generation, of power plants currently under construction, other renewable power plants for the medium and long term, together with the possibility to develop modern ancillary services.

Carlos Bonilla, Director of the DGEE, stated that

expanding our capacity for the integration of non-conventional renewable energy resources in the national energy matrix will allow us to achieve an appropriate and sustainable transition to advance in our national target to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030. We are advancing in this objective with the support of GET.transform.”

The workshops contribute to the development of the methodologies for integrating variable renewable energies in the electricity interconnected systems and the electromobility into the energy planning process.