Capacity Building on vRE Forecasting and Virtual Power Plants

COES in collaboration with GET.transform forge ahead in empowering efficient system integration of large-scale variable renewable energy
solar pv modules, wind turbines and battery energy storage against a city backdrop
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Peru´s power system operator COES (Comité de Operación Económica del Sistema Interconectado Nacional) continues in their journey towards enhanced power forecasting for variable renewable energy (vRE). COES hosted a virtual training in partnership with GET.transform to build capacity among sector stakeholders on vRE forecasting and virtual power plants. This was as a follow up to the identified key strategies in the framework published recently, where one recommendation addressed the need to raise sector awareness on the importance of accurate power forecasts.  

There were about 450 participants in attendance to learn more on wind and solar generation forecasting, and Virtual Power Plant software. The training was delivered by the leading forecasting experts from energy & meteo systems GmbH (emsys). The programme explored advanced forecasting system technologies for vRE; how to yield the benefits of maintaining system stability and low-cost integration of renewables as well as the use of Virtual Power Plants for managing decentralised energy assets. 

The results of the pilot project will be presented soon to provide COES with solar and wind power forecasts across 2024.