Kick Off for Wind and Solar Forecasting Pilot in Peru

Power system operator COES starts using new renewables forecast with support from GET.transform
variable renewable energy sources - solar and wind
© istock/Onurdongel

Last month, the Peruvian power system operator COES kicked off a pilot project for new variable renewable energy (vRE) forecasting. Improving the quality of solar and wind power predictions will allow COES to better integrate renewable energy sources into the power system.

GET.transform has been assisting COES in their endeavour to enhance reliable vRE grid integration since 2021. The current pilot is the result of the successful partnership which started out with a power system analysis and culminated in a set of regulatory, technical and procedural recommendations.

Accurate predictions of weather-dependent electricity sources become more and more important for Peru as the country strives to increase its share of solar and wind in domestic electricity generation to 20% by 2030.

COES is dependent on renewables forecasts by individual plant operators but now also receives centralised forecasts from Energy & Meteo. The forecasting experts deliver data for all of the country’s wind and solar parks which have a combined installed capacity of 692 MW.

The key findings from the analysis and pilot will be published later this year.