Preparing the ground for a higher share of renewable energy

Lima, Peru
(c)iStock/ Christian Vinces

In tune with national and international climate goals, Peru is striving to realise a more efficient and clean energy mix. The National Energy Plan foresees a 20% share of wind and solar power by 2030, to complement the 50% hydropower share that is already in place. The country benefits from the availability of diversified primary energy resources and has a great potential of renewable energy resources.

Yet the variable nature of these resources requires new approaches to planning and operating the power system. GET.transform is honoured to be among the country’s trusted partners in paving the way to Peru’s successful energy sector transformation. Working with the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM), GET.transform supports the update of the National Energy Plan through capacity building, modelling expertise and an overhaul of integrated planning processes.

In partnership with Peru’s national power system operator COES (Comité de Operación Económica del Sistema Interconectado Nacional), GET.transform further strengthened institutional capacities in the forecasting of variable renewable energies (vRE). GET.transform supported COES in a general review of their operational readiness to integrate an increasing share of vRE and with guidance on enhancing their renewable energy production forecast system.

Enhanced planning skills and tools enable Peru to break vital ground for its sustainable energy future.

Daniel Cumpa Exebio

Country Window Coordinator


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