Peru: Knowledge Exchange on Innovation in the Energy Transition

COES presents results of technical study on variable Renewable Energy Forecasts
COES, MINEM, GET.transform, 50Hertz and Emsys representatives at the Innovation in the Energy Transition Event
(c) COES

As Peru’s efforts continue towards a sustainable energy future, COES (Comité de Operación Económica del Sistema Interconectado Nacional) joined forces with GET.transform to host a transformative event last month. At the heart of the expert exchange were the results of a comprehensive technical study on variable Renewable Energy (vRE) forecasts. The study, conducted in partnership by COES and GET.transform, represents a significant step towards integrating renewable energy sources into Peru’s electricity grid. 

The event drew a diverse array of participants committed to driving sustainable energy innovation. Notable attendees included high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM), and the forecasting experts from energy&meteo who presented the study results. Adding an international perspective to the dialogue, representatives from 50Hertz, one of Germany’s leading Transmission System Operators, were also present.  

Arya Fazilat, representing 50Hertz, shared insights on how Peru can leverage lessons learned to accelerate its energy transition, utilising the vast renewable energy resources, which remain largely untapped. He also emphasized the importance of continued dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders to address the technical and regulatory challenges associated with renewable energy integration. The event served as a catalyst for forging new partnerships and fostering a supportive ecosystem for sustainable energy development in Peru. 

Representatives at the Innovation in the Energy Transition Event in Peru
Representatives from COES, GET.transform, MINEM, 50Hertz and Emsys at the Innovation in the Energy Transition Event (c) COES