Off-Grid Regulation & Market Development

Strengthening frameworks for renewable energy access in rural areas

Over the past 20 years, access to electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa has gradually increased from 24 to 48 percent. However, a country-by-country analysis shows that the gains have been very disproportionate, with countries like Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Ghana in the lead from early on. Across Africa, as in many rural pockets in the LAC region, access rates are only slowly improving. GET.transform, through its track-record in successfully supporting off-grid regulations and markets, is a recognised partner to public-sector entities for scaling up electricity access solutions.

GET.transform works with energy ministries, regulators, rural electrification agencies and electric distribution utilities in developing electrification pathways and plans considering opportunities for extending interconnected distribution grids as well as isolated mini-grids. This is complemented by comprehensive support to monitor progress in new electricity connections, using digital solutions to feed data into decision making processes, and learning from the applications and impacts that power creates in communities.

With a particular focus on Africa and the off-grid/mini-grid sector, the programme analyses and develops solutions for implementation issues from a policy and infrastructure perspective. Examples include mini-grid regulations, tariff-setting policies, calculation and approval mechanisms, risk mitigation instruments and technical standards for various renewable technologies. A central focus lies on project award and procurement mechanisms, i.e. auction mechanisms and bundled mini-grid licenses.

GET.transform also supports partners in the design and implementation of productive use of energy strategies to stimulate private-sector economic activity which is important for viable off-grid supply business cases. Providing security for the sustainability of business models will help unlock private sector investments while governments establish sound frameworks for reaching their energy and climate goals.

Christopher Gross

Global Team Lead
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