Financial Benefits of Sound Mini-Grid Regulation

AFUR hosted second webinar on African Model mini-grid regulations in partnership with GET.transform
drone shot of mini-grid in Kenya
(c) GIZ/James Ochweri

The African Forum of Utility Regulators (AFUR) recently hosted its second webinar focusing on the forthcoming toolbox of African model mini-grid regulations. This compilation of best practices is poised to provide stakeholders with invaluable guidance encompassing technical standards, grid arrival regulations, innovative approaches for sustainable mini-grid tariffs, and robust legal frameworks. While the initial webinar delved into technical nuances, the follow-up session took a deep dive into the financial aspects of mini-grid regulation.

AFUR functions as the regional platform under the African Union where African energy regulators collaborate to tackle shared challenges. The AFUR team joined forces with GET.transform to drive this comprehensive initiative, aimed at facilitating peer exchange and offering regulatory solutions that foster increased investments in mini-grids. The overarching goal is to propel harmonised regulation across the African continent, creating an environment conducive to scaled-up mini-grid projects.

Find the presentations and audio recording of the webinar available at

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