Latin America & the Caribbean

Advancing sustainable development through integrated energy and climate planning

Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) offer considerable potential to develop and scale up renewable energy sources. In addition to the existing hydro and geothermal resources, solar and wind energy promise opportunities to tie a successful energy transformation to sustainable economic development of the continent.

Meanwhile, energy planning often has not been fully integrated with sustainability and climate priorities, and implementation progress has fallen short due to a lack of coordination, connection and capacity. GET.transform supports regional and national institutions in identifying knowledge gaps along energy and climate planning processes, and offers capacity building and analytical support in establishing a holistic approach to sustainable development.

GET.transform supports ministries, transmission system operators, regulators and academia in developing modelling tools, new approaches and improved processes to tackle implementation barriers.

Through trainings, dialogues and knowledge products, GET.transform enables stakeholders to tap into experiences from outside their immediate region.

Strengthening expert exchanges, GET.transform facilitates the Regional Technical Forum of Energy Planners (FOREPLEN), organised by the UN Economic Commission for the region (UN ECLAC). The FOREPLEN provides a platform for political and technical dialogue, where participating countries share and discuss best practices and lessons learned in advancing the energy transformation.

By empowering local actors to build and share expertise in integrated energy planning and grid integration of renewables, GET.transform supports countries in delivering true progress toward energy, climate and sustainability goals.

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