LTES3: Virtual Seminar on Long-Term Energy Scenarios

Next technical exchange provides expert findings from Ecuador and Uruguay
Quito, Ecuador
Photo by César Viteri/Unsplash

Energy scenario experts form Ecuador and Uruguay will share best practices from their countries in the next virtual seminar on Long-Term Energy Scenarios (LTES). Jointly hosted by UN ECLAC, IRENA, and GET.transform, the seminar series focuses on the development and use of long-term energy scenarios to guide national energy plans in Latin America.

Informed by IRENA’s long-standing LTES Network, each event features experiences from two countries in the region. The next seminar (3 March, 12:00pm CLST) will provide insights from Ecuador and Uruguay:

  • Ramiro Diaz, Director Analysis and Electricity Outlook, Ministry for Energy and Non-Renewable Resources, Ecuador
    will present Ecuador’s “Electricity Master Plan”, which helped the country to consolidate plans for expanding the use of unconventional renewable energy resources. Opening up to domestic and foreign private and foreign investment has been instrumental in this process, as was the focus on energy efficiency, distributed generation and sustainable development of the electricity sector.
  • Alejandra Reyes, in charge of the Planning, Statistics and Energy Balance area for the National Energy Directorate of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM-DNE), Uruguay
    will comment on how the use of the LEAP (Long-Range Energy Alternatives Planning System) tool allowed Uruguay to model demand scenarios in the residential, commercial,  services, industrial, agricultural and transport sectors, supporting the path towards meeting the country’s nationally determined contribution (NDC).

The seminar will be moderated by:

  • Pablo Carvajal, Programme Officer, Clean Energy Transition Scenarios, IRENA

The event will be simultaneously available in English and Spanish.

3 March, 2021 (12:00pm CLST)