Revised Regulation for the Connection and Operation of Renewable Power Plants

Dominican Republic progresses with grid code update in tune with international best practices
power pylon at sunset
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The Dominican Republic aims for a cleaner, sustainable and more resilient electricity system. The increased integration of renewable energy resources into the country’s power system will require adapted technical regulations. In partnership with the Dominican Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), the Superintendence of Electricity (SIE), and the National Energy Commission (CNE), the GIZ-implemented Proyecto Transición Energética and TAPSEC now present an updated set of recommendations for revised transmission grid codes.

The teams jointly analysed the current technical regulations for the operation and grid connection of renewable power plants, with a particular focus on the requirements for generators and high-level compliance mechanisms.

The report also taps into global grid code best practices, and offers suggestions for streamlining and modernising the connectivity and operational criteria for both conventional and renewable power facilities within the Dominican electricity market.

The study was facilitated by GET.transform through a Leveraged Partnership and authored by Energynautics.

Download the study in Spanish.

Cover of the Spanish Grid Code Revision Study by Proyecto Transicion Energetica in the Dominican Republic