GET.transform Welcomes Norad as a New Contributor

Joining of Norad marks significant momentum in the programme's scaling-up trajectory
Norad and GIZ signing agreement in October 2023
(c) Petter Berntsen/ NTB Kommunikasjon

Norad, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, is a professional body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the newest member among the contributors of the technical assistance programme GET.transform.

On 24 October 2023, Norad signed a grant agreement of EUR 26 million to support the multi-donor platform Global Energy Transformation Programme (, which is hosting GET.invest and GET.transform. Since 2018, has been funded by the European Union and its member states Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Austria with the aim to unite European forces to collectively scale up actions toward international energy and climate goals.

For GET.transform, the inclusion of Norad marks a significant augmentation of the programme’s trajectory for scaling up. Currently, GET.transform is intensifying its impact and expanding its reach geographically by establishing four new country windows in Sub-Saharan Africa, along with an additional regional window in Central America. In total, GET.transform will have a presence on the ground in nine countries across Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

GET.transform is committed to providing comprehensive advisory services in key areas of power sector transformation. Beyond national-level support, GET.transform is actively engaged in disseminating normative guidelines and best practices across regions. This dissemination is facilitated through directives, regulations, and technical standards, as well as knowledge products and capacity-building initiatives. Collaboration with regional institutions in Africa and LAC ensures a streamlined approach.

To further enhance programme scalability, an additional delivery modality, the Policy Catalyst, has been introduced. This extends beyond country windows, harnessing insights and synergies from close collaboration with the sister programme, GET.invest.

The amalgamation of market intelligence, public and private sector understanding, and leading expertise in energy planning, regulation, and renewable energy grid integration enables GET.transform to identify and replicate truly effective solutions for the global energy transformation. This strategic integration allows for a holistic approach that combines regional collaboration, dissemination of best practices, and innovative delivery modalities for sustainable impact.