GET.transform Joins IRENA’s Long-term Energy Scenarios Network

Advancing the energy transformation through exchanges on model-based long-term energy scenarios
Solar power, Offingen
Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn/Unsplash

GET.transform joins IRENA’s Long-term Energy Scenarios (LTES) Network as a partner institution. IRENA’s LTES Network provides a global platform to exchange knowledge and good practices in the use and development of model-based long-term energy scenarios to guide the clean energy transition. It aims to promote wider and more effective use of LTES in government for energy and climate policy-making.

The first joint activity on IRENA’s LTES Network was a virtual seminar series, which GET.transform and its regional partner in Latin America, UN ECLAC, co-organised in the context of the Regional Forum of Energy Planners (FOREPLEN). Through the series, a total of 14 national energy planning entities in Latin America and the Caribbean shared their experience and lessons learned on the use and processes tied to energy transition scenarios.

GET.transform looks forward to continuing and expanding its collaboration with IRENA. Contributing to future LTES Network activities will help foster the enhanced development and use of scenarios and thus to advance the energy transformation, particularly across GET.transform focus regions Latin America and Africa.

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