Long-Term Energy Scenarios for a Clean Energy Transformation in Latin America

Joint Virtual Seminar Series by IRENA, UN ECLAC and GET.transform

Cusco, Peru

Photo by Joe Green/Unsplash

Long-term energy scenarios have become critical tools in paving the way for the transition to more digitalised, decentralised and decarbonised energy systems. The “Long-Term Energy Scenarios (LTES) for Developing National Clean Energy Transition Plans in Latin America” is a joint initiative by IRENAUN ECLAC and GET.transform to support the exchange of knowledge and best practices among government energy planners in Latin America. The virtual seminar series features lesssons learnt from countries across the region and is built on IRENA’s Long-term Energy Scenarios (LTES) Network, in the framework of UN ECLAC’s Technical Forum of Energy Planners (FOREPLEN).

The participating countries have highlighted their experiences and challenges over a wide variety of topics, including participatory planning, the implementation of relevant policies, inter-institutional collaboration, scenario development methodologies, and the impact of relevant innovations such as electromobility.

Explore the webcasts and write-ups below to tap into the key findings.

Seminar Write-Ups & Recordings