LTES2: Virtual Seminar on Long-Term Energy Scenarios

Next seminar dives into expert findings from Costa-Rica and Panama
San José, Costa Rica
Photo by Robin Canfield/Unsplash

Public stakeholders from Costa-Rica and Panama will share success factors of their countries’ energy planning. Together with UN ECLAC and IRENA, GET.transform offers a series of virtual seminars on Long-Term Energy Scenarios (LTES) for a clean energy transition. The seminars build on IRENA’s long-standing LTES Network and focus on the development and use of long-term energy scenarios to guide national energy plans in Latin America.

Each event features experiences from two countries in the region. The next seminar (17 February, 12:00pm CLST) will see expert presentations from Costa-Rica and Panama with insights on scenario development and application:

  • Arturo Molina, Technical Advisor, Secretary of Planning, Energy Sector (SEPSE), Costa-Rica
    will share his experience in developing Costa Rica’s National Energy Plan for 2015-2030, which focuses on energy efficiency, distributed generation and sustainable development of the electricity sector.
  • Guadalupe Gonzalez, Director of Electricity, National Secretary of Energy, Panama
    will highlight her country’s energy transition focus on both short and long-term actions to address issues in quality of service and grid integration of renewable energy sources.

The seminar will be moderated by:

  • Ruben Contreras Lisperguer, Economic Affairs Officer, Natural Resources Division, UN ECLAC
  • Antonio Levy, Technical Advisor, GET.transform

The event will be simultaneously available in English and Spanish.

17 February, 2021 (12:00pm CLST)