Peru: Expanding Modeling Capacity for Long-Term Energy Planning

MINEM training on the TIMES platform for modeling energy systems
Solar panels against backdrop of Cusco in Peru
© istock/powerofforever

Peru is in the process of updating its National Energy Plan and aims at strengthening its energy planning capacities. In this process, led by the General Directorate of Energy Efficiency (DGEE) of Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM), GET.transform has supported the improvement of capacities for the long-term energy modeling tools with specialised trainings.

The trainings were provided in partnership with E4SMA, a consultant company with recognised international experience in capacity building related to the TIMES model. The TIMES platform is one of the energy planning tools used by MINEM to carry out energy forecasting at a country level.

The trainings were addressed to the MINEM’s experts working on energy planning, they covered theoretical and practical aspects of the model. The participants were able to dive into the model’s structure analysis, the interfaces for the input and output data, the interpretation of the results, as well as the knowledge exchange between experts.

Luis Vilchez, coordinator of the Energy Planification Unit at MINEM, stated that

a strong modeling capacity is a prerequisite for developing successful energy transition pathways. Thanks to the support of GET.transform, we are able to use the available modeling tools more efficiently and look ahead to robust long-term planning of a sustainable energy system.”