Improving Solar and Wind Energy Forecasting in Peru

COES and GET.transform deliver expert workshop on vRE forecasting
Experts and practitioners at COES vRE Forecasting workshop, Lima, Peru, 10 August 2022

As part of Peru’s preparations for a greater share of variable renewable energy (vRE) in the electricity mix, the Peruvian power system operator COES hosted a workshop on vRE forecasting last month. Supported by GET.transform, the event brought together more than 30 participants from COES, the Energy Ministry MINEM, the regulatory authority Osinergmin, and the Inter-American Development Bank IDB to exchange on forecasting challenges and solutions.

The insights were delivered by international forecasting experts, energy & meteo systems, and based on the analysis of the Peruvian power system.

GET.transform is assisting COES in enhancing existing tools and capacities to maintain a safe and reliable system operation. Forecasting the electricity production from variable renewables is one of the key issues currently explored to support the country’s energy transition. Peru has an aspiration to increase the share of wind and solar power from currently 5% to 20% by 2030. Accurate predictions of weather-dependent electricity production are therefore vital for the cost-efficient dispatch and operation of the electricity system.

Results of the analysis culminated in a set of regulatory, technical and procedural recommendations for improving the quality of solar and wind power predictions. As COES and GET.transform continue their partnership to advance these recommendations, the key findings will also be published later this year.

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COES CEO César Buttron with GET.transform and Emsys experts at the vRE Forecasting workshop in Lima, Peru, on 10 August 2022.
Energy & meteo Systems presenting at the COES vRE Forecasting workshop in Lima, Peru, on 10 August 2022.