Tariff Tool Training for Mini-Grid Developers in Mozambique

AMER, GET.transform and GET.invest Mozambique shared insights into new mini-grid regulation
mini grid in Kenya
(c) GIZ/James Ochweri

Over the past year, GET.transform has supported the Mozambican Energy Regulatory Authority, ARENE, in developing the national mini-grid regulations, which included the establishment of the mini-grid tariff framework. This month and in support of Mozambique’s upcoming mini-grid programmes, AMER, GET.invest Mozambique and GET.transform offered a joint training to mini-grid developers and operators 

The training provided participants with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new tariff tool and the associated calculation methodology, in order to facilitate licensing of new mini-grid projects by the regulator. 

Private sector engagement will be key to fulfil Mozambique’s rural electrification targets. The country is introducing a host of new regulations which ARENE and GET.transform worked on,  to enhance private participation in Mozambique’s off-grid market, and accelerate access to modern electricity in rural areas through cost-efficient clean technologies.