Kick-Off for Mozambique’s Working Group on Distributed Generation

Energy Ministry, ARENE and EDM convene technical DG workshop in partnership with GET.transform and GET.invest
Working Group of the Distributed Generation Workshop hosted by MIREME and GET.transform in Maputo in November 2023.
(c) GET.transform

Mid-November saw the inaugural meeting of the national technical working group on Distributed Generation (DG) in Maputo, Mozambique. The event, facilitated by GET.transform and GET.invest, unfolded in the context of a DG white paper under development by the two European sister programmes.

Mozambique’s Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), the regulator ARENE and the national utility EDM form part of the working group which focuses on inputs for the development of DG policy and regulation that is aligned with Mozambique’s New Electricity Law. The latter seeks to open the sector for increased private sector participation, especially in renewable energy (RE) and clean energy sources.

The meeting explored tailor-made opportunities and pathways to pursue in DG deployment, aiming for a win-win scenario for utilities, prosumers (consumers who also produce energy), and the overall energy sector. The upcoming white paper was discussed as a vital source of information and further technical assistance by GET.transform is expected to provide a comprehensive roadmap for the roll-out and scaling of DG in Mozambique, encompassing additional actions in the context of RE integration.

Recognising the importance of diverse stakeholder input, the meeting emphasised the involvement of other relevant parties as observers. This inclusive approach seeks to gather participatory feedback from e.g., private sector associations and other relevant institutions involved in energy transition and economic development, to further enrich the collaborative effort towards advancing clean power generation and grid connectivity in the country.