Long-Term Energy Planning

Outlining sustainable development paths for power sector development

Long-Term Energy Planning provides a strong foundation for power system transformation. Technically sound and cost-effective investment plans, even when just indicative, can provide evidence-based input to build a long-term vision for the energy sector. This helps to avoid over- and underbuilding power plant capacity and create awareness about the renewable resource potential as well as the socio-economic benefits of the transition. Long-term planning also mitigates the risk of investing into carbon-intensive infrastructure that could result in future stranded assets.

GET.transform works with energy ministries, national and regional planning commissions, as well as electric utility planning departments to advance the quantity and quality of power system expansion plans.

Locally owned and driven planning processes are supported to strengthen the governance framework and the capacities for the development and use of long-term energy scenarios, including regional integration aspects. This support enhances our partners’ ability to assess the impact of a sustainable and just energy transition for low-carbon or net-zero pathways, against business-as-usual development.

GET.transform puts the power sector as the central engine of the energy transition at the core of long-term energy planning. At the same time, our planning work ensures links to key energy transformation trends for the whole energy system. Such analysis considers sector-coupling, energy efficiency technology shifts and fuel switching to electricity in different economic end-use sectors, e.g. around the resulting demand and load curve for the use of green hydrogen in industry or the electrification of road transport. By putting these considerations into perspective, analyses of the conflicting and complementary objectives of social, economic and climate policy are provided to support political decision-making processes. Our support thus helps to facilitate a power system transformation that is technically, socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

Benjamin Schober, Head of Advisory Services at GET.transform

Benjamin Schober

Head of Advisory Services
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