25-28 September 2023
Bonn, Germany
Long-Term Energy Planning

IRENA Innovation Week 2023

GET.transform to host panel on sector coupling considerations in long-term energy scenarios
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IRENA Innovation Week brings together leaders, experts, industry representatives, academics and policy makers to discuss cutting-edge innovations that can support and accelerate the global energy transition.

This year’s edition will shine a particular light on renewable solutions to decarbonise end-use sectors. GET.transform will contribute to the expert exchange by hosting a dedicated panel of the Innovation Sessions.

Christopher Gross, Global Team Lead at GET.transform, will moderate the session “Strategic Considerations for Sector Coupling in Long-Term Energy Scenarios” (28 September, 09.30-11.30 CET). Scenario practitioners from both the public and private sector will share actionable insights by exploring the required institutional,  technical conditions, as well as trade-offs for low carbon energy planning.

Expert speakers participating in the session include:

  • Martin Hartvig, PhD – Senior Engineer, Energinet
  • Claire Nicolas – Senior Energy Economist, ESMAP, World Bank
  • Paul Mbuthi, Senior Deputy Director of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy, Kenya
  • Kaare Sandholt, Chief International Expert China Energy Transformation Programme, Energy Research Institute of the Academy of  Macroeconomic Research (ERI)
  • Asami Miketa – Head Energy Transition Planning and Power Sector Transformation, IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre

For more information, please visit innovationweek.irena.org. Click here to join the panel live on the day.

25-28 September 2023
Bonn, Germany