13 December, 2021 (12:00pm GMT+3)
Long-Term Energy Planning, Africa, African Union, Capacity Building

LTES-Africa 4: Virtual Seminar on Long-Term Energy Scenarios

Good energy planning practices from Morocco and Tunisia will be shared in IRENA's next LTES webinar
Rabat, Morocco
Photo by Hishem Zineddine/Unsplash

The energy planning experiences from Morocco and Tunisia will feature in the next IRENA webinar on  “Long-term Energy Scenarios (LTES) for Developing National Energy Transition Plans in Africa”.

IRENA hosts the virtual seminar series in collaboration with a range of regional implementation partners including GET.transform, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD), the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Ministry of Energy of Kenya, and the African Union Commission.

Each event explores the findings of African countries or organisations with well-established scenario-based planning practices. The next session (13 December, 12:00pm GMT+3) will see contributions from Morocco and Tunisia:

  • Fatiha Machkori, Head of the Observation and Forecasting Division at the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment of Morocco, will present the process that has been put in place in the country for the development of the updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), released in 2021 for COP26. Within the Ministry, the Directorate of Observation, Cooperation and Communication, together with other departments and institutions, has contributed to the development of this key document that aims to reflect the increasing climate ambition of Morocco.
  • Fethi Hanchi, Director General of the National Agency for Energy Management (ANME) of Tunisia, will share ANME’s experience in the development and use of long-term energy scenarios to support decision-making and energy planning in Tunisia. As a governmental organisation under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines, ANME has been responsible for developing energy roadmaps that provide insights to build national planning documents such as the Energy Strategy to 2030.

The webinar will be moderated by

  • Adama Moussa, Manager of Power System Development, African Development Bank (AfDB)

and be simultaneously available in English and French.

13 December, 2021 (12:00pm GMT+3)