Enhancing Knowledge Exchange on Pathways to Net-Zero

GET.transform presented on sector coupling and modelling considerations in IRENA’s LTES Network
(c) GET.transform

The IRENA’s Long-term Energy Scenarios (LTES) Network  recently concluded a peer-to-peer session in collaboration with GET.transform. IRENA’s LTES Network provides a global platform  to exchange knowledge and good practices in the use and development of model-based energy scenarios to guide the clean energy transition.

The session ´Pathways to Net-Zero: Interaction between Sectors´ enabled an exchange of the 29 member countries and 14 technical partners on the topic of net-zero with a particular view to sector coupling as well as modelling and communicating net-zero pathways. The presentation was facilitated by GET.transform Long Term Energy Planning and Renewable Grid Integration Technical Advisors, Alessia De Vita and Gildas Siggini, with opening and closing remarks from Asami Miketa and Juan Jose Garcia from IRENA. Participants then split into virtual roundtables to delve deeper into aspects like successful stakeholder engagement or the effective integration of sector coupling into long-term energy strategies.

A key takeaway message from the discussion was the importance for long-term planning to acknowledge the increasing interrelation between sectors. The expert groups discussed recommendation for modelling exercises to incorporate socio-economic analysis that aid policy makers to make informed decisions in the transition towards net-zero.

The next peer sessions are dedicated to the following topics:

  • Net-zero scenarios methodology and application
  • Context and overview of the global stock take
  • Infrastructure planning & demand side flexibility
  • Energy security: RSE experiences

For more information about the LTES Network, please visit irena.org

Alessia De Vita and Gildas Siggini, Technical Advisors at GET.transform, presenting in Irena LTES peer-to-peer session,pathways to net-zero
(c) GET.transform