Case Studies on Off-Grid Business Models and Frameworks

Highlighting success in rural electrification with mini-grids and stand-alone approaches
solar mini-grid
© GIZ/Moses Kakooza

Achieving the energy transformation begins with the identification of realistic approaches. GET.transform is working with governments, companies and industry experts to find real-world examples of where renewable energy solutions are truly working viably, to create value for communities, boost employment, or achieve national objectives.

The resulting Case Studies focus on the one hand on renewable energy industry solutions built on revenue-driven business models, as well as on best practice regulatory frameworks that have solved common challenges in the development of the rural electrification and off-grid market. With a focus on Africa, the Case Studies aim to present policy-makers and stakeholders with encouraging evidence from the renewable energy world.

The first Case Studies, which will be featured in written publications and presented at various topical fora, will become available by the end of the year on the GET.transform website.