Africa Investment Exchange (AIX): Power & Renewables

GET.transform and the Power Futures Lab contribute regulation insights to AIX conference
solar farm, South Africa
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The AIX: Power & Renewables 2023 will take place from 1-2 November in London. AIX was set up in 2014 to establish an enduring dialogue for investors and energy industry professionals, with the aim of stimulating business engagement and long- term partnerships.

This year’s programme focusses on linking power markets, the future of wheeling, financing decentralised energy and a data-led discussion on the growth potential of the C&I sector.

Understanding robust regulation as a vital pre-requisite to clean energy investment, GET.transform is thrilled to contribute expert insights to the event:

  • African IPPs – An Endangered Species? (2 Nov, 9-10.30am, Great Room)
    Wikus Kruger, Research Lead at the Power Futures Lab and Consultant to GET.transform, will inform this panel discussion on findings from an upcoming GET.transform report on Renewable Energy Auctions in Africa.
  • Matching Finance and Projects Roundtables (2 Nov, 1.45-3.30pm, Great Room)
    Stephanie Betz, Advisor Regulation and Market Development at GET.transform, will contribute regulatory expertise to these finance-minded roundtable discussions. Hosted by GET.invest, the exchanges will focus on the funding and finance available for a wide range of projects including grid connected solar, wind and hydro projects, and C&I and off-grid programmes including mini-grids, PUE and SHS.
  • The Regulation – Investment Nexus in Africa (2 Nov, 1.45-3.30pm, Tavern Room)
    This side event, hosted by the Power Futures Lab in partnership with GET.transform, will bring together African regulators to report on the Peer Review and Learning Network (PRLN) and its capacity to promote best practice solutions to regulatory challenges in Africa. Moderated by Dr. Peter Twesigye and Dr. Wikus Kruger of the Power Futures Lab and Ene Macharm presenting more about GET.transform, the side event will see contributions by the following representatives:

    • Edward Iruura, Director Financial Services, Electricity Regulatory Authority, Uganda
    • Robert Kahimise, Chief Executive Officer, Electricity Control Board, Namibia
    • Nhlanhla Gumede, Full-Time Regulator Member, National Energy Regulator of South Africa
    • Daniel Kiptoo Bargoria, Chief Executive Officer, Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority, Kenya

For more information and registration, visit:

1-2 November, 2023
London, UK