New Regulatory Model Aims to Make Mini-Grid Projects More Viable

AFUR develops tariff settlement tool in partnership with FCDO and GET.transform
Mini-Grid, Bunjako, Uganda

The African Forum of Utility Regulators (AFUR), with its member working group on mini-grid tariff settlement tools, has developed a tool that seeks to encompass best practice from around the continent on the regulation of financial elements of mini-grid projects.

With support from FCDO, this work has brought African regulators together to exchange and learn from each other, while at the same time developing a tariff tool that can be adapted in numerous national frameworks.

GET.transform has participated in this activity, sharing the programme’s experiences on mini-grid tariff modelling in various countries. This helped to ensure that the model incorporates several cutting edge approaches that make mini-grid projects more viable. The next step is to take the harmonised model and integrate it into the various regulators’ local frameworks for adoption. AFUR, GET.transform, FCDO and other partners are getting behind this method of regional cross-fertilisation and joint elaboration, to systematically address the various stages of mini-grid framework development that can be found from one country to the next.