Mozambique Announces Regulatory Framework for Off-Grid Energy Access

ARENE and MIREME continue technical assistance partnership with GET.transform
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The Government of Mozambique has announced the approval of the country’s first complete Regulatory Framework for Off-Grid Energy Access. Mozambique has thus reached an important milestone in its path to scaling up clean energy investment and off-grid electrification. 

GET.transform was among the partners that supported the Energy Regulatory Authority of Mozambique (ARENE) in developing the framework. The programme has been working with ARENE and the Mozambican Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) since 2020, providing technical assistance on mini-grid regulation including a new tariff tool and supporting MIREME in the revision of the Electricity Law.  

The approval of the regulatory framework is a great step forward for GET.transform in its support of Mozambique’s off-grid system. GET.transform is proud to continue its partnership with ARENE and MIREME to strengthen and expand technical support in advancing Mozambique’s energy transformation. Deputy Minister of MIREME, Dr. Antonio Saíde, said: 

Effective regulation is a pre-requisite for successful energy transformation. We appreciate the support provided by GET.transform in developing our off-grid energy regulatory framework and, look forward to further strengthening our regulatory landscape.” 

Currently, the programme supports the mini-grid regulatory work and the first mini-grid tender mechanism. MIREME is interested in launching the first tenders once the mechanism is ready and operational, which is expected in the second half of 2023. 

Addressing policy and regulatory barriers is fundamental for the take-off of the renewable energy sector and for attracting investment and private sector participation. In identifying the most viable options for the Mozambican context, GET.transform draws on best practice experiences gained in working with other African nations on electricity regulation.

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Testimonial by Dr. Antonio Osvaldo Saide, Deputy Minister for Resources and Energy, Mozambique