Drawing Economic Benefits from the Use of Energy

GET.transform shares Productive Use insights in WISIONS seminar
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Providing people with energy access alone is not enough. It is the actual use of energy which can effectively improve the livelihoods of people. A digital seminar jointly organised by WISIONS and the Access Coalition will explore how energy access projects can create those opportunities.

Expert speakers will share their field experiences, tools and insights that help practitioners to understand and deploy successful productive use of energy (PUE) approaches. GET.transform will share findings from its recent analysis “Productive Use 2.0 – New Scaling Opportunities and Innovations in the Sector” which takes stock of the evolving PUE landscape and highlights promising business models.

The expert panel will include:

  • Luciana Proietti, Co-founder and President, 500RPM
  • Victor Gathogo, Energy Advisor, SNV
  • Temitope Udo-Affia, Technical Coordinator for Off-Grid Regulation and Market Development, GET.transform

and be moderated by:

Find more information and registration here to join us on 27 October, 2022.

27 October, 2022 (1pm CET)