Showcasing African Model Mini-Grid Regulations at EAIF 2024

African Model Mini-Grid Regulations Tool presented to regulators, investors, and developers at Energy Access Investment Forum
Patricipants at the presentation event for the Africa Model Mini-Grid tool
(c) GIZ

At the recent Energy Access Investment Forum (EAIF) 2024 in Lagos, Nigeria, the African Forum of Utility Regulators (AFUR). presented the African Model Mini-Grid Regulations Tool developed in partnership with GET.transform to energy sector stakeholders. EAIF is the annual investment event by the Alliance of Rural Electrification (ARE) for the renewable electrification sector, fostering business and investor partnerships for the purpose of sustainable electricity access.

AFUR’s workshop gathered regulators, investors, and project developers for an introduction into the regulation toolbox and came as a follow up to a workshop conducted earlier this year where the tool had been approved by the AFUR working group comprising of seven regulators from Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda.

The African Model Mini-Grid Regulation Tool was specifically designed to address the diverse and dynamic regulatory needs of African nations regarding mini-grid systems, offering a unique regulatory template generator – the “Click Your Regulation” tool. This innovative solution holds the potential to transform the landscape of mini-grid regulation across the African continent and foster sustainable energy development.

The regulation tool will now go through a peer review with key actors before being published by end of 2024.

A room view at the African Model Mini-Grid Regulations presentation at EAIF 2024.
Participants engaging at the Africa Model Mini-Grid Tool showcasing event
Participants engaging at the showcasing event.
AFUR Project Coordinator, Sam Sebbowa presenting at the event
AFUR Projects Coordinator, Samuel S. Bunnya, presenting at the showcasing event . All images (c) GIZ.