Policy Catalyst Window: Effective Renewable Energy Tendering

New programme to enhance IPP procurement capabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa
solar and wind energy installations in Africa
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Africa’s clean energy potential remains largely untapped despite decreasing technology cost and abundant natural renewable resources. Greater private sector involvement is needed to unlock new levels of finance on the continent and enable the development of more renewable energy projects at small and large scale.

Independent Power Producers (IPPs), renewable energy projects constructed and managed by the private sector, have emerged as a principal avenue for investment in Africa’s electricity sector, and auctions as a promising way to procure them. If designed effectively, renewable energy tenders cannot only help to accelerate the roll-out of IPPs but also foster competition and improve project implementation rates.

A new Policy Catalyst support window is therefore dedicated to enhancing IPP procurement capabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Policy Catalyst is an initiative by GET.transform and implementation partners to provide integrated capacity building and technical assistance on vital regulatory building blocks. The “Effective Renewable Energy Tendering” window builds on the findings from the eponymous report and was jointly developed by GET.transform, the Power Futures Lab and the Sustainable Risk Mitigation Initiative (SRMI) of the World Bank’s ESMAP programme. It offers support to officials from finance and energy ministries, public utilities and energy regulators.

If you represent such an institution from Sub-Saharan Africa, consider the available support to help position their jurisdiction at the leading edge of renewable energy investment and innovation. The Effective Renewable Energy Tendering Window will

  • strengthen your institutional capabilities to attract private investment for bankable renewable energy projects
  • include study tours to enable peer learning and tailored capacity building for renewable energy tendering
  • leverage professional training from the Power Future’s Lab including certification upon completion
  • include options for dedicated technical support in setting up effective tender mechanisms

This comprehensive capacity building programme will elevate your impact and help drive renewable energy deployment in Sub-Saharan Africa. By participating, you’ll play a pivotal role in fostering development and shaping a sustainable future for your community and beyond.

Are you interested in tapping into this comprehensive support? Then get in touch to learn more.