Virtual Training: Solar and Wind Energy Forecasting in Peru

COES and GET.transform build capacity in variable renewable energy forecasting and virtual power plant use
solar pv modules, wind turbines and battery energy storage against a city backdrop
(c) istock/petmal

Peru is proactively preparing for the complexities posed by its ongoing energy transition. A larger share of renewables in the electricity mix transforms the power system’s operation. Peru’s system operator COES is offering a virtual training in partnership with GET.transform to build capacity among sector stakeholders on variable renewable energy forecasting and virtual power plants (29 February 2024, 9am-12pm PET).

Weather-dependent and thus fluctuating output of solar and wind power installations in combination with an array of generators operating with different flexibility capacities, makes a meticulous short-term and real-time oversight and management of electricity generation necessary. The training will explore technologies that are key to meeting this challenge: wind and solar generation forecasting, and Virtual Power Plant software. These innovations play a crucial role in predicting output and optimising the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.

The joint COES and GET.transform workshop will be delivered by the leading forecasting experts from energy & meteo systems GmbH (emsys) and provide invaluable insights for navigating Peru’s evolving energy landscape effectively.

Download the programme and register now for the training (in Spanish).

29 Feb 2024, 9am-12pm PET