Incentivising Productive Use through Mini-Grid Regulation

GET.transform contributes to 19th Annual AFUR Conference at Africa Energy Indaba
productive use of energy application

The Africa Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR) will be hosting their 19th edition of their annual conference as an official side event of the Africa Energy Indaba in Cape Town from the 7 – 8 March 2023. The conference is dedicated to AFUR’s 20 year anniversary.

As a regional platform under the African Union, AFUR aims to establish and foster co-operation amongst utility regulators on the African continent in support of Africa’s growth and socio-economic development. Developing standardised effective utility regulatory frameworks is among AFUR’s principal objectives to help promote infrastructure development and regional integration of the continent.

GET.transform is a proud partner of AFUR and will contribute expert insights to the conference. Bhoomika Tiwari, Advisor Off-Grid Regulation & Market Development at GET.transform, will

  • join an expert panel to discuss “What Has Regulation Achieved in Africa? Regulatory Independence vs Decision Making” (7 March, Session 9, 3.30pm SAST/2.30pm CET)
  • and present on “Mini-Grid Regulatory Frameworks for Incentivising Productive Use of Energy” (8 March, Session 12, 11.30am SAST/10.30am CET).

For more information, download the GET.transform report “Productive Use of Energy 2.0: New Scaling Opportunities and Innovations in the Sector”.

Register to attend the AFUR conference:

7-8 March, 2023
Cape Town, South Africa